Asé is Alive


Recently founded in January 2021, Asé Collection strives to promote the benefits of developing healthy habits and intentions to achieve one's desired lifestyle. A prominent element of our mission is sharing our perspective of the power within. And it all begins with our name, Asé, which translates to power, command, and authority. It is a concept the Yoruba of Nigeria use to promote change. A concept of intention that was first introduced to me by my grandmother and has contributed to the ongoing production of Asé Collection.  


We are committed to creating a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to encouraging the development of healthy habits to achieve a healthy desirable lifestyle while concurrently promoting a primary focus on assisting women. Asé Collection represents a life of new beginnings, productivity and the connection between mind, body and soul. We want to assist women on their life journeys, the best way we know how. Asé offers holistic wellness products that uplift, inspire, and represent personal evolution alongside flexible and relatable athleisure.

Asé is an aspiring movement designed to help develop an understanding of acquiring progressive habits. Asé is about using your power from what is learned through experience, training, and intention to achieve change. We believe this is what sets us apart from similar brands!

We offer perspective and service that can produce long term benefits and we sell products that reflect life and self awareness in a way that all can relate to.